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sam's club party platters

When you’re hosting a breakfast event, Sam’s Club sandwich offerings likely aren’t going to quite fit your bill. Sams Club Cookie Tray - pm snack. Sometimes when you’re planning an event what you want is a light repast that is healthy yet sweet. Deli Catering Tray Finger Sandwich 18 Inch Square Tray 12-16 Servings - Each (Please allow 24 hours for delivery or pickup) Hormel Gatherings Hard Salami & Pepperoni Party Tray - 28 Oz. Hy-Vee catering options include a wide variety of cuisines and servings sizes. Menu prices and items shown on may vary by location. Some of these you may be able to order online. Choose from a sundried tomato & buffalo chicken wraps combo tray, sliced meat & cheese tray, fruit & cheese tray, and/or chicken salad croissant sandwiches. Thank you, Gwendolyn Turner reply to Your email address will not be published. We begin by hand selecting peak-of-season produce, slicing the perfect cuts of meat and cheese and choosing high-quality ingredients. © 2017 Looking for a cost-effective way to host a party? Check Sam's Club website here for your online ordering options. Party Trays Party Platters Butterfly Snacks White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Tray Candy Cookies 20th Birthday Mini Chocolate Chips Grad Parties. Compact and delicious these trays will help feed a crowd. 17. Just fill out the form and drop it through the slot. Served with cocktail sauce and lemons. Check out their full catering menu below: The most common choices made by event planners when they’re headed to Sam’s Club are selected directly from their catering menu. Saved by Leah Alemu. Subway Catering menu and Subway Party Platters are a great option for events and meetings because sandwiches satisfy every and any type of eater, even the pickiest eater of them all. Assorted Wrap Party Tray $34.98; Chicken Salad Croissant Party Tray: $24.98 (we've also seen these $5 off before too!) Check out what's available for online ordering, or call your local Hy-Vee today. Sam’s Club catering options that come ready-made primarily involve plates of vegetables and pre-made sandwiches, if you’re wanting something hot you’ll be making it on your own. Give yourself a break and let the party tray do some work! I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. Light, flaky croissants topped with chicken salad brings the flavor of some of Sam’s Club best sandwiches to your event. Each of these sandwiches comes conveniently cut in half to create 18 portions for your guests to nibble on. The Fresh Market offers more than 70 delicious party platters and family size meals for any occasion. All logos and trademarks are property of their respective companies, and does not have any affiliation with the respective company unless otherwise stated. All prices, items and descriptions detailed on in image and text format are subject to change at the restaurant's discretion, and should only be used as estimates. Our Platters and Baskets are made fresh when you order. Their range of food products make it possible to prepare just about any feast you can imagine, and their bakery makes it easy to provide large sheet cakes if you’re hosting a large birthday party or retirement celebration. Let’s face it though, Sam’s Club is huge and has a lot going on for the intrepid party planner. Choose from a large selection of freshly made hot and cold appetizers, party-size subs, cold deli meats, and cheeses. We offer a variety of trays including party trays and dessert trays. How to Throw a Party for less than $48 by Shopping at Sam’s Club, Check Sam's Club website here for your online ordering options, How to Throw a Party on a Budget {Sam's Club Food Ideas}, American Cheese, Black Forest Ham, Cooked Ham, Oven Roasted Turkey & Roast Beef, Fresh bakery croissants filled with rotisserie chicken salad and lettuce. Veggie Tray. Required fields are marked *. Served with cocktail sauce and lemons. I believe it's only 24 hours prior but I would call your local store just to double check. Same goes for my families favorite, potato skins. Sam’s Club Deli is a small section of Sam’s Wholesale Stores. Get something for everyone with our party platters, giant subs, and convenient SUBWAY to GO!™ meals. Each tray comes with 54 items, a sure way to feed a crowd. If you’re thinking about hosting an event, whether or dozens or hundreds, contact Sam’s Club today and they’ll help you prepare for the feast to come. Whichever platter you choose, be sure to give the deli department 24 hours notice. Garden-fresh veggies and creamy ranch dressing. Party Trays. These are a perfect way to provide a snack or light meal for your guests. I’m having a BABYSHOWER and was wounding do you have any fruit trays bigger than this. No fuss, no mess, and no prep required! Beautiful, durable items such as ceramic skillets, wine goblets, and Riegel table cloths are a fraction of the hundreds of items and materials Sam’s Club sells for catering an event. Our tray sizes are Small (12"), Medium (16"), and Large (18"). Sam’s Club Catering Menu isn’t something many people think to look at when they’re getting ready to plan a big event. Browse the catering menu to find just the right choice to feed people at your next gathering. Sam’s Club was first opened in 1983 in Midwest City Okla. The Kroger Company started around 140 years ago, when Barney Kroger invested his life savings of $372 to operate a grocery store at 66 Pearl Street in downtown Cincinnati in 1883. These platters are great for showers (baby showers or wedding showers, parties (Super Bowl, holiday parties) and/or holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas)! On the tray, you’ll find deliciously tangy green grapes combines with sweet strawberries, red grapes, and heart Cheddar and Colby-Jack cheese cubes. When you choose to cater through Sam’s Club, you get access to a diverse assortment of options ranging from their muffin packs to full sandwich party tray’s that ensures everyone will enjoy their favorite choices. Please note that this post is not associated with Sam’s Club. Click here to view this form as a PDF. No party is complete without a veggie platter. The three main options that Subway Catering menu offers are the Sandwich, Giant Subs, and Dessert platters. Here you’ll find a tasty assortment of cream cheese danishes, apple danishes, crumb cakes, mini-cinnamon rolls, raspberry danishes, and blueberry muffins.

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