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best bass jig color for stained water

The greenish, yellowish, lemon-lime type color known as chartreuse has always been touted by fisherman as one of the best crappie jig colors for crappie as well as bass jig fishing alike. Colors: Eight Color Options. Bass can see well in water like that. Jigs: While in muddy water we fished heavy jigs with bulky trailers, in stained water, always considering the obstacles density and the depth of the water, we can rely on lighter jigs such as the 3/8 oz. In my experience, black, chartreuse, and red all show up well in dirty water, and combinations of those colors also seem to be good. To catch bass from dirty water, the first things you have to do are to find the dirty water and to figure out where the fish should be. In stained water, low light, all-brown, brown-orange, black-lime and all-black have been consistent performers for my best crappie action. Baitfish/White. "In the winter, the water is usually clear and you never have to go outside those colors," he explained. A black and blue jig paired with a green pumpkin craw color combination works really well. Spinners tied with rattle beads can also be great producers in stained water. Chartreuse, Chartreuse, Chartreuse. For this reason, your arsenal should include a preponderance of the two dark water patterns and then a wide range of one or two each of the various clear water colors. … Captain Jeff had similar thoughts of colors for dirty water. Either rattling style crankbaits or by adding rattles to a jig are the most common examples. Clear Water = Subtle Translucent Colors Gray – White – Green – Silver. Lure color can make a difference in muddy water fishing. Fluke. This article is a guide for knowing what top jig fishing trailer color combinations to use, so you can catch more bass. A jig trailer is a soft plastic bait that gets rigged on the hook and trails along behind the bait as it moves through the water. Stained-water bass rarely hit before there is some light on the surface. Reaction Tackle Swim Jigs. For dark or stained water you want to go with a bright presentation that is more solid so they are able to find it more easily and it contrasts the dark water. ... noise and bright colors. It’s also a good time to use lures with rattles. Best Lure Color For Murky Water. You could also go with a solid dark color as that will also create contrast. There are so many different colors, and trailers for your jigs it’s hard to know where to start. Like Zaldain, Evers called the various shades of Pro Blue a “must have staple for day in, day out use.” Like the Californian, he similarly moves from the GP and GG patterns to the HT versions as the water gets more stained, and his particular favorite is the HT Kossori Shad. All you need to do is retrieve the jig through the water column as you would with a spinnerbait or baitfish style lure. It is considered by a lot of crappie fisherman as … Choose the color by environmental factors like natural food sources and water clarity, but be prepared to experiment with colors. A hard, suspending jerkbait is my number one choice during the winter and is an excellent lure for targeting sluggish… If you’re having trouble scoring strikes when the water temp drops below 50 degrees, study what follows carefully…and heat up your next bass outing! Brauer's preferred jig for winter fishing is a 1/2-ounce Strike King in natural colors, although green pumpkin and black/blue remain his top choices. “If the water is off-colored from a storm, I find that bright green, orange, or even glow can put more fish in the box. Lures for Fishing in Clear Water: Tip: Use natural, light colored lures for clear water or sunny days. Contrast/Black & Blue. A little touch of natural color always helps. With darker water, there are definitely some go-to colors like gold, bronze, pink, along with bright glow colors like chartreuse, orange, glow white and glow red. Bass Swim Jigs. The lighter colors are really good when the water tends to be clearer but cannot be defined as clear water. From south to north, as long as you’ve got at least a little stain to the water – a black and blue jig will get bit. Perhaps my favorite stained water baits are spinnerbaits and crankbaits. Black and ... Bluegill/Green Pumpkin. Crawfish/Brown. “When the water is lightly stained, I go with blues, light greens, and pale pink colors,” he said. In sunny conditions in dirty water, … If you know how to fish a swim jig for bass, you’re in good shape. “As the water lightens up, we just keep going lighter down to a light grey, off white, bone-looking color whites.” The clearest water often requires pale shades of blues like the Bobby Garland Monkey Milk. You want to fool him. How To Choose The Right Jig Color For Your Presentation. Under most conditions and in most locations, chartreuse or white is a good starting point when dropping for fluke. In clear water, almost any color combination can work at various times. Stick to colors such as green pumpkin, watermelon and root beer in clear water and change to a june-bug or black/blue combination in stained or dirty water. Those are colors that typically show up better in off-colored water. Natural Minnow Jigs Crappies, particularly the much-desired “plate-sized” versions, feed on tiny minnows as enthusiastically as other species of sport and panfish. Choosing the right lure is a huge part of this equation. Brand Name: Reaction Tackle. Be as realistic as possible.” Guideline #6: Color selection…bright and bold in dingy water -- Stained, dark and dirty water calls for bolder, brighter colors. Gold colors penetrate dirty water much better than silver or chrome, which of course increases the likelihood of a bass tracking it down. Bass pros and guides are on the water constantly, and must identify productive methods for catching bass when the lake water is frigid. Water clarity is one of the most important factors that can influence bait color for bass fishing. DIRTY WATER STRATEGIES. Quantity of … Of course, the best of both worlds, color-wise, is a chartreuse crankbait with a black back, or a dark purple worm with a bright chartreuse tail. In stained water … Use this color combination when the water clarity is better usually in the 3 – 6 foot range for solid bites. This was a term used to refer to a bass jig with a pork rind trailer attached to the hook. Top Fishing Jig Trailer Color Combo’s – Which Jig & Trailer Colors Work Best For Bass! This is one of the most popular fishing techniques on the planet, and it’s rather simple to understand. A black and blue jig helps provide some good contrast for a reaction, but at rest the natural green pumpkin craw really catches a bass’s eye. While jigs used for crappie are generally small and don't have rattles, you can choose a color that these fish are able to locate easier. You may have heard older bass anglers refer to a “jig-n-pig” combo. Another great trailer option that you should consider adding to your spinnerbaits is a Zoom … We’re still taking advantage of the sun by using a reflective color, but just in a different hue to increase visibility.

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