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my calf popped and now i can't walk

Reasons for pain in the calf muscles include an injury (whether from sports or vigorous activity), a medical condition that you might not be aware of, or a nerve issue. Answered by : Dr. Prof. Kunal Saha ( General & Family Physician) Is calf pain indicative of an Achilles tendon injury after exercising? DH can’t be arsed to sit at table for Christmas dinner To think this is easier and he does ‘get a break’ Just had a petty fallout - AIBU To say "Sod it" and call in to work to ask if I can work To not find it unusual that my children still live with me Can you advise the best course of … After reading about it online I've kept it elevated and rested and it doesn't hurt unless I walk on it wrong, but I'm due to go back to work tomorrow. That is why I am so thankful for wikiHow. Thankfully, dealing with sore calves is not necessary because there are treatments available. Take it easy for a day or two. I've been icing it, keeping it elevated and taking NSAIDs but I don't seem to be making any progress. It particularly affects people who play sports. I can kind of shuffle if I turn my leg sideways. However, it is often not advised if it feels painful to do so. Weakness in the calf when trying to walk, climb stairs or stand. But I had to stop my run and walk home because it got painful after that. 1 hr I heard a loud pop - Answered by a verified Health Professional We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I tried heat and ice and both had no effect. Show Printable Version; 06-20-2014, 11:17 AM #11. sbhikes. I was off it two days before heading to the doctor. I'm still struggling to move around pain free, without a really restrictive limp and it takes me an age to traverse a few metres! By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Grade 3 calf strain: This is the most severe calf strain, with a complete tear or rupture of the affected muscle fibers. Find out about the causes, symptoms and available treatments. Calf strain among runners is extremely common and often occurs as a result of over-exertion when running or from not warming up muscles properly before a run. Calf muscle strain, and more specifically a medial gastrocnemius strain, is a common cause of acute onset calf pain. We hope to help you learn more about the anatomy, causes, symptoms, and rehabilitation for calf strains. So I have torn my calf….. What now? The calf muscle typically gets strained when the foot suddenly bends upward, stretching the calf muscle beyond its limits. I hobbled though the last 2.5K and still managed a “pb” of 47:43. Shortly after, I felt a “snap” in my calf (like a rubber band snapping)I couldn’t stand on the leg, as it felt like it was severely cramping up. View Profile View Forum Posts Member Join Date Nov 2012 Location 50 yr old Female Posts 2,006. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Simple stretching before performing an activity can help prevent injury and strain. MD. I popped my calf muscle at work last Sunday. My solution was to run for a total of 30 min but in 5 min chunks with 3 min walk intervals. I still can't walk on it or put weight on my right leg. Go and get checked: Pain that is not resolved with adequate rest and appears to be persisting requires urgent attention. Both these muscles attach into the achillies tendon that inserts at the heel. Dr. Gashti gives the example of a person who walks every day to a bus stop, and every time feels calf pain. Jump to page: Results 11 to 11 of 11 Thread: My calf "popped" and now I can't really walk. A common concern with torn calf muscles is ‘my calf popped and now I can’t walk’. Hi, Thanks for writing in. next month and have been making great progress fitness-wise in the past 12 months. I tried that and holy hell that hurt. A pop, snap or tearing sensation may be felt. Limping when walking. Severe pain in my calf. The pain of a calf strain is often described as a sudden sharp or tearing sensation. As I started off, something went in my calf, felt like something popped, then I couldn't put any weight on the leg. I went to the doctor ... ankle and I am in a walking boot. Dr. Frances Ilozue answered. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, release, and then repeat one to three more times. Full recovery can take three to four months and, in some instances, surgery may be needed. all the fibres are torn, or a complete rupture of one of the heads of gastrocnemius . In May of 2009, I tore my calf and have not been able to rehab it after many PTs, chiropractors, etc. Heard a pop and now my calf is cramping bad and I can't walk. “Paul – I was doing the Tees Pride 10K run on Sunday morning just gone when suddenly my calf popped, and it felt like I’d been “shot”. The affected person will usually walk with a limp due to pain and weakness. Miles is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Adult Joint Reconstruction in California. I can barely walk, it hurts so bad. This type of injury is caused when one of the two muscles in the calf is overstretched or forced to contract too quickly. Calf wall stretch. my calf is swollen, painful, and i can't hardly walk. A torn calf muscle, also known as a calf strain or pulled calf, is a common and often painful injury. What’s a calf muscle and where does it live! It's so easy to use. A calf strain, commonly called a ‘pulled’ muscle, is caused by overstretching or tearing of either of the 2 calf muscles – the soleus and the gastrocnemius. I popped my calf muscle yesterday playing tennis and the physio thinks it’s a bad grade 2 – I can’t really put weight on my left leg and am on shoulder crutches. i was standing and took a step when the back of my knee went pop and now painful in calf muscle and hardly put weight on it. This discomfort can be felt anywhere between the knee and the ankle along the backside of the lower leg. Depending on how badly you have injured your calf, a calf strain can either be a little nagging pain while you walk, or can take you fully out of your regular activity, and possibly require you to walk with crutches! Had to limp onto the train, and then my wife drove us to parents evening at school. I felt a pop and had pain in my left lower calf while exercising. what's wrong? Calf muscle strain (gastrocnemius strain). I fell to the ground and couldn't walk. It didn't object to repeated run/walk intervals but did initially when I tried to lengthen the run interval. Grade 2 calf strain: There is a partial tear of the affected muscle fibers, so you can't continue the activity. I tried getting help from my coach, but he just adds more pressure, saying, "you better not let me down, it will be a complete waste of money." Press your palms to the wall and step your injured leg back a couple of feet. Symptoms. There are two muscles that make up the calf, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. 1 hr I heard a loud pop - Answered by a verified Health Professional . Symptoms of a grade 2 calf tear usually last 4-6 weeks. How do you treat a calf muscle injury? If you give it a nice massage, you might get dead. My calf "popped" and now I can't really walk; Page 2 of 2 First 1 2. my calf popped and now i can't walk . There was no prior warning or stiffness. If severe, swelling and bruising may also occur. More serious muscle tears will cause very sharp pain and leave you barely able to walk. Torn meniscus can cause pain in the knee, tenderness on palpation in the knee, but pain in the calf would not be due to a torn meniscus. Put ice or a cold pack on the sore muscle for 10 to 20 minutes at a time to stop swelling. i have been doing rice - rest, ice, compression," Answered by Dr. Heidi Fowler: Hello. If treated properly, it can take up to three weeks to heal Grade 1 calf pulls, four to six weeks to heal Grade 2 muscle strains, and three to four months to heal Grade 3 tears.. A calf strain usually starts with sudden pain in the back of the lower leg. : Hello. : Hello. With a grade 3 there is a large tear where there is complete rupture of the calf muscle i.e. It could end up with a stroke and paralysis, or a pulmonary thrombus (cot travels to the lungs). The best way i can describe the pain is almost like a funny bone pain, but in my calf. Be patient: it can take up to 8 weeks to see recovery, and several more months before your calf feels fully back to normal. Keep your back leg straight and bend into your front leg until you feel a slight stretch in your calf muscle. A 44-year-old female asked: have stge 3 copd took 2 hour walk taking stops when needed got home &have extreme calf pain, can't walk at all slept woke up & pain isnt any better. Calf pain can vary from mild numbness and tingling to excruciating pain that impairs your ability to walk. "I believe I have a calf strain. I can feel a small gap between the tendon and the calf muscle and I feel tension on the tendon when I try to do soleus stretches especially. You find it hard to rise up onto your toes. If you do not, you could cause severe re-injury or trauma. It’s critical to follow all of your doctor’s instructions during your recovery period. Tennis Leg . Full recovery takes approximately five to eight weeks. If the problem has been going on for a while with no let-up, and if the person has risk factors for PVD like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and … About half way through, my calf muscle seemed tight. The fact you can't bear weight without pain is bad enough to go see an orthopedic dr. before your not able to walk at all. Thread Tools. The calf is stiff and weak when you walk. At the time of injury, you may hear or feel a pop inside your calf -- the sound of the muscle tearing or shearing away from the Achilles tendon. Likewise stretching and exercise. Treatment of a torn calf muscle usually does not require surgery. Heard a pop and now my calf is cramping bad and I can't walk. My calf muscle is tight and tender, only a little... View answer . Put a thin cloth between the ice pack and your skin. I can walk seemingly fine, but as soon as I try to jog or do calf raises, the lower part of the calf gets very tight and starts to hurt more and more. "do i need to see a doctor or should i be patient, and rest my leg? The best way to recover from a torn calf muscle is by protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation (PRICE). calf pain can t walk. Quite depressing as I had signed up for my first tennis comp. Dr. Mark Weston answered 30 … Grade 3 Symptoms. November 11, 2020 by in Uncategorized. Calf pain can be a sign of a thrombus (blood clot). I was out running and my right calf muscle kind of clicked or popped. I can put a little pressure on it without any pain, but flexing my calf muscle is a sharp and intense pain. An inability to walk does not always occur during a calf muscle tear, in many minor and moderate cases, walking is still possible. Other possible causes of calf pain include: Achilles tendonitis in which the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed. while playing backyard volleyball, i was stepping forward, i heard a pop in my calf. What's even worse is that I have track nationals this week in New York. Fast forward, I still can't walk on my injured leg. You may have bruising on your calf after 1 or 2 days. I stretched it out and started back with the aerobics. Most calf muscle strains can be treated at home: Rest your injured leg. When I started back running I found that my calf started to tighten alarmingly after about 5 min but would loosen if I dropped down to a walk for a minute or two. In particular, starting to run too soon after an injury causes the most severe and lasting injuries. Usually this injury occurs during a sports or exercise activity when pushing off suddenly during a sprint or jump. 24 years experience Family Medicine. I know I am not alone. However, it can also indicate an underlying medical issue, including deep vein thrombosis or diabetic neuropathy. Buckling my knees to the … The spasms (or whatever they are) are so intense, i cry out in pain. Calf muscle pain is often caused by overuse or a sports injury. Stand facing a wall. Here you will find the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles as well as tendons, blood vessels, and ligaments. Read More. Ice. Ankle plantar flexion and dorsiflexion. There was no pain just a click feeling.

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